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The quantity of processes depend on the type of final product wanted, and not interfering it its h

There is no scientific base to classify processed foods based on processing degree, as the different processing stages are defined from the characteristics of each food or beverages intended to be processed, according to the type of product intended to be offered to the consumers.

Processed food is the food changed from its original state by means of a wide variety of processing stages, such as, for example, pasteurization, sterilization, freezing,dehydration, high pressured, etc.

The purpose of processing defines the quantity of types and steps used by the industry. For example, in order to have edible oils available for consumption as usually found in supermarkets, several types and and stages of processing are required. It is not the reason why soybean, sunflower or olive oils are more or less healthy or nutritive.

Check the data about the industrialized food processing and health to learn more:

  • A comprehensive study (EICHERMILLER et al., 2012) about the industrialized food health concluded that “Processed food contribute to a wide variety of nutrients under all forms of processing!”
  • The characteristics of each product intended to be processed will define the types and stages of processing.