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The habit of drinking plant-based beverage is millennial. With the advance of industrial production, these beverages gained space in the market as an alternative to animal milk and, in recent years, it has been highlighted in the market of plant-based products. Facts prove that plant-based beverages are not an invention of the modern food technology.

2400 a.C. In the ancient Egypt, evidence was found of consumption of a beverage made of tiger nut, a tuber usually designed as a “nut” as it is similar to a hazelnut
25-220 d.C. A stone slab of Dynasty Han Oriental was discovered in China, in which the steps to make soy milk is engraved.
Medieval period. In the work “Holy Feast And Holy Fast: The Religious Significance Of Food To Medieval Women”, the historian Carolyn Walker Bynum mentions almond milk, an aristocracy food present in recipe books of medieval period.
1914. In the Meatless Cookery’s work, Maria M. Ailbert presents a recipe to make a rice-based beverage, as an alternative to cow milk.
2015-2021. Launching of pea-based beverage in United Kingdom, Australia, and United States.