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The quantity of ingredients does not determine the quality, health, or safety of a food

It doesn’t matter if the product requires the use of 1 or more 5 ingredients. Since they are approved by the regulatory authorities, all of them are deemed safe to be used in food and beverage manufacturing. When a processed food contains many ingredients, it is because they are required to fulfill specific functions, whether to give flavor, color, texture, preserve the product, etc. And it does not interest to any industry to use ingredients without any need, as it does not make practical sense and because it would cause an increase in the costs.

Check the data about the number of ingredients in industrialized food to learn more:

  • The studies conducted by Ital, about the content of ingredients stated in the labels of many industrialized products demonstrate that the number of ingredients vary according to the type of product and the manufacturer, but all of them follow the legislation in force