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not knowing a type of ingredient does not determine if a food is good or bad

As there are hundreds of additives approved for use, it is natural that most consumers do not know each of them. In fact, it is important that consumers know which additives and know that all of them have been studies, testes and approved for use, being therefore safe. In addition, due to legal requirement, the ingredients and additives used in processed food need to be obligatorily stated in the products labels, using technical terms or codes also specified by standard. Technical terms or codes can sound strange, but it does not have any association to safety or health of the foods contained in it.

In the face of myths and prejudices related to the ingredients and food additives, it is necessary to offer more information to the society regarding this terminology that is commonplace in the food sector, but still little unknown by the consumers.

Learn about the names of ingredients used in industrialized food: