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Every food, industrialized or not, is composed of chemical substances

There is no real or fake food. Every processed food indeed represents food. For the preparation of any type of food, it is usual to use of chemical additives in the industries, as well as at homes, restaurants or other feeding services.

In home cooking, at restaurants kitchens, and in the industrial processing, diverse substances are added to the food without nutritional purposes, but with the purpose of changing or keeping its physical, chemical, and biological or sensory characteristics. It is not this that make the food more or real.

Check the content on the presence of chemical substances in industrialized food:

  • Examples of traditional food that used chemical additives in its preparation: Homemade mayonnaise with emulsifier; Tomato sausage with acidity regulator; Chocolate cake com growth agent and flavorings; Homemade marinated with acidulant; Fruit salad with antioxidant; Homemade jelly with thickener, stabilizer and acidulant.