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Moder life depends on industrialized food and beverages. They are present in every meals and snacks, in food and beverages served in parties and other events.

At breakfast, for, example, in addition to fruits, the industrialized food, such as cold cuts, bread, cakes, breakfast cereals, chocolate powder, etc. At lunch and dinner, industrialized food is indispensable, such as plant-based oil, olive oil, seasonings, dressings, cheese, milk cream, juices, sodas, etc. The industrialized food is present in birthdays, weddings, and other events. Many industrialized food and compose meals at hospitals, schools, the Army, travelers, etc. Cod fish at Holly Week, easter eggs and Colomba di Pascoa, Mother’s day and Valentine’s Day chocolate candies, sugar, peanut and sausages at June celebrations, frozen meat, dry fruits and Christmas and new year panettones.

Check the data about the presence of industrialized food In TRADITIONAL COOKING PREPARATIONS:

  • Check the importance of industrialized food in Brazilian’s diet, chapter 11 of publishing Industrialized Food, by Ital.
  • The chocolate is an example of industrialized food in many different cooking preparations at homes, confectionery stores, bakeries and restaurants: cakes, brownie, pies, brigadeiros, truffles, chocolate candies, mousse, pudding, soufflé, fondue, ice cream, petit gateau, cookies, paves etc.